Strategic Insights

Strategic Insights

Given its role in coordinating and aligning national supply chain development activities, ASCCI is well positioned to develop insights into critical policy, regulatory, and related issues that influence industry growth and competitiveness.

The strategic insights focus area consequently aims to facilitate optimal benefit from a set of policy, regulatory, and trade related activities, with the objective of increasing local content and generating opportunities for employment creation. Three activities have been defined to develop the relevant insights to guide ASCCI’s policy, regulatory and trade related activities:


Market and regulatory review

Insights and recommendations linked to competitor economy shifts that impact South Africa’s medium to long-term industry competitiveness.


Industry insights and trends

Insights and recommendations linked to industry trends that impact on medium to long-term industry competitiveness.


Regional alignment

Aligning regional activities to support ASCCI’s long term objectives through advanced cluster support, industry specific infrastructure, and aligned incentives.